Remarkable UFO Incidents

Apollo 11 UFO Incident (Jul. 19, 1969 – Over the Moon) ◎

On July 19, 1969, the day before the landing of Apollo 11, on which was the first man to land on the moon, at around 6:00 p.m. (approximately 10:00 a.m., July 20, Japan time), it encountered two large and small UFOs while flying on a lunar orbit. After correcting the oval orbit around the moon and entering the circle orbit, Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) moved to the LM moon-landing craft “Eagle”, started all the equipment of the LM, and carried out the final inspection in preparation for the historic moon landing. During the test of the moon close-up camera (16 mm) installed on the ship, two UFOs suddenly jumped into the video frame. The photographs were taken by Astronaut Aldrin.

The original, fully documented no-cut film was specially provided by NASA to CBA International (CBA’I) Editorial Office. The editorial office took a single-frame picture of the film and created a slide to provide a full overview of the incident. A large UFO and a small UFO suddenly appeared in a laying-down snowman-like formation. They were slowly descending vertically, stopped doing that, and stayed there. The scene after that certainly eliminates other possibilities, such as the reflection of the windowpane. The film continued to the scene that tail radiation suddenly begins between the two UFOs. At the end of the radiation, they began moving up vertically and then down. The moment they approached the moon surface most closely, they were intensely shining and fully separated. The area around them looked like a strong halation, and the film also showed 10 egg-shaped objects fluttering in front of the screen, after which the two UFOs rose up and disappeared.

The UFO photographs captured over the moon by Apollo 11 proves, as we have argued, that UFOs are definately spacecraft flying from another space. This is the absolute proof that true ufologists have sought over the past 70 years, and it must be a clincher of the world’s UFO world. This is an astonishing UFO case that no one can deny the existence of UFO. The case was featured in the special issue of UFO NEWS (Vol. 6-1, Spring-Summer 1974).

NASA has given a letter of appreciation to Apollo for CBA’I’s unique and professional “Dogu Space Suit Theory” in UFO research. CBA’I is also published in the ABC Aviation Yearbook of INTERAVIA, an international scientific research organization that specializes in UFO witnesses by pilots and air traffic controllers, and UFO images on radar scopes. The title of the CBA’I’s journal was changed from “UFO NEWS” to “AEROSPACE UFO NEWS.”

※ Dogu is a humanoid clay figure made during the Jomon period in Japan. Especially in the late Jomon Period, a typical example is the “Shakoki Dogu”(Dogu with Goggles) associated with the Kamegaoka ruins in Kizu Town, Aomori Prefecture.