Remarkable UFO Incidents

Eastern and Western Japan UFO Incident over Koshien (Oct. 8, 1985 – Japan) ◎

October 8, 1985, around 8:00 p.m., from Tohoku (Miyagi Prefecture) to Kyushu (Miyazaki Prefecture), a total of 13 aircraft including TDA (Toa Domestic Airlines), JAL (Japan Airlines), ANA (All Nippon Airways) and SDF aircraft in training encountered a red “fireball-like” UFO. There were a considerable number of eyewitnesses on the ground, since it was the best observation night of Giacobinids and lots of people were watching at the night sky. It was estimated that there were more than 10,000 witnesses on the plane (by pilots) and on the ground.

At Koshien Stadium (Hyogo Prefecture), a professional baseball game was being held. The game was temporarily interrupted by a fuss over the objects that passed through the sky. The cameras on live broadcast successfully shot the object and were broadcast on the day’s news program. Next day, newspapers also reported the incident in the heads of newspapers.

Based on data analysis from NASA, a private reserach association, Japan LAT (Low-altitude Artificial satellite Tracking network), and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) released a hypothesis of “Wrecks of Satellite Launch Vehicles of the Former Soviet Union on September 26 in that year” concerning the objects. However, IUOC doubted the announcement and immediately began direct interviews with witnesses, and requested the various parties concerned such as NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and the videotape photographers in Nachikatsuura Tenmangu Stadium to provide video materials.

Analysis of the materials provided and direct interviews with eyewitnesses and ground witnesses revealed that the objects seen as “fireworks” had been a group of UFOs that repeatedly blinked and behaved in a special way. This was an unprecedented UFO incident in which the majority of the Japanese people saw and heard the incident through the mass media. This case is featured in Aerospace News (Vol. 3-6, 1985-11).