Remarkable UFO Incidents

◎ Ireland UFO Incident (Nov. 9, 2018 – Ireland) ◎

“Two bright objects! Turned to the right, raised, and not reflected on the radar…”

On the morning of November 9, 2018, there happened an extraordinary incident that pilots of three airliners (British Airways BA94, Virgin Atlantic Airways VS76, and Norwegian Air Shuttle 1768) flying over Kerry, Ireland, witnessed an bright object moving at very high speed, and they asked Shannon air traffic controllers about the object one after another.

The incident was reported by the multiple news media such as “The Guardian,” one of the British high-class newspapers, Ireland’s local newspapers, and by the news media in other countries like the United States, Canada and New Zealand at an amazing speed.
Accordingly, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) commented that they were investigating the incident.
The Irish Examiner, a local newspaper, dated 12 November refers to the possibility of meteorites that enter the atmosphere in a low orbit. Is there a possibility for that?

We examined the actual audio records of pilots and air traffic controllers disclosed on the aircraft information site “Airlive” and the relevant documents obtained to identify eyewitness objects.
According to the pilot’s records of communications, the object sighted in this case were able to change course at high speeds, and the phenomenon of rising itself was confirmed.
The unusual behavior of the witnessed object suggested the following possibilities:

1) Debris or space debris of a satellite
2) Fall of a fireball (including a comet)
3) UFO (unidentified flying object)

1) Satellite debris and space debris exist in various orbits and fall due to the earth’s gravity, the resistance by thin atmosphere, duration of life, deliberate explosion and destruction, and collisions.
At that time, inertia works to maintain a constant linear motion at the same speed as long as the object is not subjected to external forces, as well as inertia works when a comet or a fireball enters the atmosphere from space.

2) When a fireball enters and divides into the atmosphere at high speeds, the split fragments may descend along orbits or under Earth’s gravitational forces, but they cannot rise. In addition, no meteorite clouds or shock waves unique to a fireball have been reported.
Accordingly, it is not considered that the phenomenon was a change of course or a rise of the objects due to the fall of satellites, space debris, and fireballs.
it can be regarded that the eyewitnessed flying objects themselves had the ability to move and were intelligently controlled.

Based on the above, it was concluded that 1) and 2) are not applicable, and that 3) the objects witnessed by multiple pilots were UFOs(unidentified flying objects).
In addition, according to the pilot’s communication, it was assumed that VS76 encountered two UFOs, and Flight 1768 encountered more than two or three UFOs because he said “multiple objects,” and BA91 encountered one UFO.
“The Irish Mirror” dated November 13, 2018 reported the UFO incident witnessed and photographed from the ground the day after the incident.

Previous UFO sighting reports indicate that many UFO eyewitnesses have been occurred over 1) nuclear testing sites and nuclear facilities (including nuclear missile sites), 2) ancient monuments (including megalithic culture), and 3) crustal movement zones with many active faults, and Ireland also has numerous megalith sites dotted.
Recent encounters between commercial aircraft and UFOs include incidents occurring over the U.S. state of Oregon on October 25, 2017, and over the state of Arizona on February 24, 2018, all of which were reported to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).