Remarkable UFO Incidents

UFO Incident over Vatican City (Nov. 6, 1956 – Vatican City) ◎

About 100 UFOs formed over Vatican City, the largest Christian Catholic group headed by the pope, who avouched himself as a representative for God and a Jesus Christ’s successor.

Around noon, November 6, 1956, UFOs appeared in two pairs of V-shaped units (each with left and right V-shaped units, or with symbolic [>] light angle shapes and [<] left angle shapes), and two sets of units approached over the Vatican (Fig. 1.2), joined sharp V-shaped parts of each other as soon as they reached the Vatican (Fig. 3) and formed a fine cross in the sky as a single unit. Thereafter, the squadron rotated to form X with a gentle curve (Fig. 4), and the cross changed to “X.” The UFO warned the Vatican with the signature of “X.” The estimated altitude was 22,000 to 24,000 feet (6,700 to 7,300 m).

The incident deeply impressed the local people. Dr. Albert Perego, who was a director of CISAER, a center for Electromagnetic Aviation Research, and an expert of British flying saucer world, sent an eyewitness report to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) General Headquarters in Paris. However, the authorities declared that “the details should not be disclosed to the public.” Furthermore, they tried to control the media more strictly, to ignore all about the incident intentionally, and to bury the incident in darkness.

In the Vatican, where the shocking UFO incident occurred, the Second Vatican Public Congress was held from 1962 to 1965, and 16 items were resolved and proclaimed (Declaration of Ceremonies – Declaration on the Attitude of the Churches towards Religions other than Christianity – Charter of the Contemporary World). The tenth of them, the [Declaration on the Attitudes of Churches towards Religions Other than Christianity (4 Jewish)], was decided and proclaimed by an overwhelming majority as a historic resolution which attempted to rectify Catholic traditional doctrines; stating “Although Jewish powers, together with their followers, pressed for the death of Christ, the responsibility for what was committed in the face of Christ cannot be held irresponsible by all Jews at the time, or held to the burden of the present Jews.”
This is a very serious mistake of ignoring the historical facts (the Bible), declaring that the murderer was not liable on their own, and correcting the serious problem in the form of a majority vote.

Looking back on the history of the Vatican, inhuman acts, though they are priests, have been revealed, such as the adaptation of the Vatican to the Roman Empire, which was ruled by the oppressors on the pretext of obtaining a believer, the atrocities symbolized by the “crusade expeditions” that the Vatican took the initiative in repeating eight times, and the neglect of sexual abuse of minors by clergymen.

The “X” drawn in the sky by UFOs means “unknown, mysterious, wrong signature in Greek, Jesus Christ,” and so on, so the Vatican’s activities and doctrines were completely denied by X’s signature as being of meaningless. The Vatican had not only ignored the nine signs of Jesus Christ, the holy number of Jesus Christ announced in 1947 by the Kenneth Arnold UFO incident, but also ignored the messages shown above the Vatican.

This was a serious incident that could be described as a message not only to Christianity, which is considered the foundation of the spiritual world, but also to the whole religious community.