Remarkable UFO Incidents

Northern and Eastern Japan UFO Incident – Captured by Multiple Live Cameras (Oct. 31, 2016 – Japan) ◎

In the early morning of October 31, 2016 (around 5:37-43 am), a rare UFO incident occurred in which green bright objects flew east to west in parts of northern Japan and over a wide area of eastern Japan. A number of cameras took photographs of them.

The live camera of the head office of TV Niigata (TeNY) captured a vivid image of green bright objects emerging from the clouds flying slightly upward, followed by intense light emission and multiple small bright objects following through the early morning sky for about 15 seconds. The NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) camera installed at Niigata Airport also showed that the bright objects that appeared rose slowly and shone strongly.

This valuable video was broadcasted nationwide, and the newspapers were widely publicized, and it became a topic of discussion on the SNS. The foreign media (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Brazil, etc.) also introduced this case in a video with comments such as “UFO?” Live roof cameras at Aomori Airport, sky cameras at Sendai City Astronomical Observatory, and cameras installed on the roofs of private buildings and roofs of houses also captured the bright green objects. Furthermore, it was discovered that several amateur photographers, including an Akita Sakigake Shinposha newspaper reporter, were photographing them at the same time. The number of witnesses, though early in the morning, reached a considerable number.

Associate Professor Hidehiko Agata of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan stated that “it is very likely that bright bolides or satellite fragments, among other shooting stars, have burned into the atmosphere.” However, when International UFO Observer Corps (IUOC) scrutinized and examined the data and images collected from various places concerned, many points that were not satisfactory with the debris theory of fireballs and satellites emerged. Then witnesses, direct interviews with photographers, and on-site surveys and measurements (azimuth and elevation) were conducted to verify scientific data collected, including slow playback of photographed images.

Images taken (including photographic prints) and eyewitness reports revealed the following:
・ At the time of appearance, one large bright object moved horizontally.
・ It strongly emitted during travel, emitting multiple bright small objects in the rear, or splitting up.
・ Three to more than ten bright objects were placed behind the largest front, and they were flying together on the same orbit.
・ After a few seconds to a few tens of seconds, they suddenly disappeared or were hidden in shade.
All witnesses testified that the caudal streams and meteorite clouds, which are seen when passing through the atmosphere at low altitudes, were not seen, and that “it was relatively short distances to the light bodies” or “they were seen at low altitudes.”

After comprehensively examining satellite and debris orbital attenuation and reentry data, gravity and air resistance of the objects, inertia, and tail current drawing, it was found that neither of the satellite debris theory, the space debris theory, and the phenomenon of the balloon falling into the atmosphere were applicable. Therefore, it was concluded that this was a flight phenomenon of UFOs with special power.
Furthermore, as a result of drawing on the map the photopic trajectories determined by witness, time of photography, detection, and extinction orientation of different places, it was found that in this case, except for TeNY and Niigata Airport, each group of the objects which were seen at each places were different ones each other.
This case is explained in detail in the Special Issue of Aerospace UFO News (Vol. 34-1, 2017-6).

UFOs over Akita taken on October 31, 2016 – By Courtesy of Akita Sakigake Shinposha Newspaper