Remarkable UFO Incidents

U=Z UFO Incident (Sep.-Oct. 1954 – London, U.K.) ◎

From September to Ocrober in 1954, approximately fifty bright blips were captured on radarscopes in many different parts of the suburbs of London each day at noon. They were initially flying in a horseshoe-shaped or the alphabet “U,” and changed to two parallel lines, “=.” Then they finally changed to the alphabet “Z” and disappeared from the radar scopes. The phenomenon persisted for approximately twenty days. On each occasion, a scrambled fighter from the nearest air base made a reconnaissance of the sky, but no target was found on the ground radarscope.

Air Force and Government authorities concluded that this phenomenon was caused by UFOs, and that they had sent signs to us using the form of “U=Z.” They also concluded that it was a meaning of caution: using “U” (stand for Uranium; A and H bombs) will result in “Z” (means End), that is, the End of the world. The UFOs’ formation of “U=Z” was a significant message, knowing that the English language was composed of alphabetic characters.

In March of the same year, the U.S. conducted a hydrogen bomb test on the Atoll of Bikini in the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, the crew of Fukuryu Maru No.5 and several hundred other fishing vessels were exposed to the radiation. The U.S., the U.K., the former Soviet Union, and other major powers repeatedly conducted 60 nuclear tests after dropping atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing enormous damage.

Air Chief Marshal Load Dowding of the Royal Air Force said, “I believe there are people on other planets who are operating -through flying saucers- to help our world in its present crisis.” “The evidence is overwhelming.” As he said, it became a special case in which the purpose of UFO coming partly became clear.

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