Remarkable UFO Incidents

Alaska UFO Incident (Nov. 17, 1986 – Alaska, U.S.A.) ◎

On November 17, 1986, a JAL (Japan Airlines) special cargo flight of 1628 from Paris to Tokyo via Kefrabik (Iceland) and Anchorage (Alaska) encountered an enormous mothership and two small spacecraft flying side by side with the JAL aircraft for approximately 50 minutes over Alaska. The two witnesses were Captain Kenju Terauchi and Copilot Takanori Tamefuji. At the end of December in that year, more than a month after the incident, Kyodo’s monopoly scoop was distributed worldwide, and the news was widely reported by the media at home and abroad.

The two objects that were first observed flew in the same direction at the same speed as the JAL aircraft and disappeared from the view after maintaining the distance as if they had been leading it. Subsequently, in the sky over Fairbanks (Alaska), the captain saw a circular huge object projected in green on the weather radar of the aircraft, and it rose up in silhouette by the lights of the urban area. It was several tens of times larger in diameter than the JAL aircraft (about 64m) and as large as two large aircraft carriers back to back. The aircraft changed course, but the enormous object continued to fly together without leaving the left rear of the aircraft, and suddenly disappeared at the moment when the aircraft passed by the United Airlines (UA) that took off from Anchorage.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the United Airlines (UA), which was flying the airspace, announced that their ground radar and airborne radar had not captured the huge object. After that, however, the FAA changed its announcements about the incident several times. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), which was responsible for satellite observation, usually denies such kind of UFO incidents immediately, however, this time it kept silent for some reason. About a month after the incident, the editorial technical advisor of Aviation Week, which is the U.S. aeronautical and space technology journal, denied the UFO eyewitness incident by aeronautical experts such as pilots without investigating, saying that it was “a mistake in seeing Jupiter and Mars.” However, as a result of the detailed investigation of the direct interview with Captain Terauchi by IUOC and related materials obtained by him, it turned out to be that the object encountered by the captain and the copilot of the JAL cargo aircraft was UFO.

Aerospace News (Vol. 5-1, ’87-3) featured the “UFO incident over Alaska,” that described constantly changing conditions based on Captain Terauchi’s report and elplained the mechanism of ground radar and weather radar. The U.K.’s Sunday Times (June 7, ’87) and the major U.K. newspapers (June 8, ’87) introduced comments from FAA official that the JAL captain’s report about the UFOs was “professional and reasonable,” and reported that the “UFO incident over Alaska” was described in the FAA’s official documents. About 15 years after the incident, John Callaghan, a former FAA staff member entrusted with dealing with the incident, disclosed publicly that the all radars of JAL cargo aircraft, FAA, and the United Airline had exactly captured the UFOs. In addition, he testified that a gag order was pronounced against attendees at the reporting meeting of the case, and that the CIA had seized the relevant materials and attempted to destroy evidence.

The existence of UFOs that far surpass Earth’s science and technology highlights the existence of people who have built high-class civilizations, but for the Blackforces represented by the CIA, the existence of UFOs that awaken the human race to the truth of the universe is nothing but an obstacle to be concealed, distorted, and obliterated.