Remarkable UFO Incidents

Seto Inland Sea UFO Incident (Mar. 18, 1965 – Japan) ◎

Around 7:00 p.m., an incident occurred in which a Toa Airways’ aircraft Convair and a Tokyo Airlines’ Piper Cherokee, which were flying in the vicinity of the Seto Inland Sea and Ieshima Islands, encountered a bright UFO, which was considered to be the same. The UFO was intelligently controlled, for it came toward the Convair at a high speed and approached the left wing of it as if to make a parallel flight with it for about three minutes. On the other hand, the Piper Cherokee encountered a UFO which zoomed down from above at a high speed and suddenly disappeared. Eyewitnesses were three experienced pilots, each of which was the Conveyer’s captain, Mr. Yoshiharu Inaba, copilot: Mr. Tetsu Mashima, and Piper Cherokee’s captain: Mr. Kenji Negishi.

This incident was reported not only in the domestic news media but also in the foreign one, including the UPI, the Associated Press and Stars and Stripes, which is specialized in U.S. Armed Forces. The Itogawa Laboratory, led by Mr. Hideo Itogawa, the father of Japan’s space rocket development, announced that it was a misunderstanding of the “Lambda 3 rocket” launched from Uchinoura, Kagoshima Prefecture at almost the same time. However, as a result of interviews with pilots and air traffic controllers by the IUOC (International UFO Observer Corps) and on-ground witnesses at the same time, as well as scientific investigations, it was discovered that this incident was a UFO incident because of significant data differences with the rising “Lambda 3 rocket” , such as witnessing time, direction, altitude, and parallel flight.

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