Header photo:UFOs taken from Apollo 11

Source:CBA INTERNATIONAL UFO NEWS (1974 Vol.6.1 No.1 – Spring-Summer 1974)

About Us

We are making technical investigation for radar/visual Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena(UAP) reported by civil and military aviation pilots as a nonprofit scientific research organization.


◎ Inform Us of Your UFO/UAP Sightings

Whether you are an aeronautical professional or an amateur, let us know by mail or e-mail when you witness UFO/UAP or get information about witnessing UFO/UAP. Your information would be very helpful.
Please be advised that if you contact us, we may contact you back to confirm the details.

The following information would be required.
 ■ About You (Mandatory):
 ・Phone Number
 ■ Situation of Witness (Mandatory):
 ・Date and Time
 ・Whether you saw it alone or not.
 ・Whether you took pictures/video or not.
 ■ Detailed information of the object(s) you saw(As possible as you can):
 ・Direction/Altitude/Elevation Angle

◎ Download UFO/UAP Sighting Report

– UFO/UAP Sighting Report –
  [Excel] [PDF]

Please send it to the following email address: info@aerospacenews.org