Remarkable UFO Incidents

Kenneth Arnold UFO Incident (Jun. 24, 1947 – WA, U.S.A.) ◎

Kenneth Arnold, a businessman and a private pilot, was flying to search for a U.S. Navy transport aircraft (C-46), which had been lost at the top of Mt. Rainier. At around 3:00 p.m., he encountered nine mysterious objects in a formation on his left. They tilted their wings alternately as if to signal him, crossing in front of him at high speeds, and flew away. The formation of the objects were gradually lowered from the top to the end. The altitude of the top one was calculated to be about 2,800m and the last one was about 2,300 m.

He reported about the nine shiny, flat objects, each as big as a DC-4 passenger plane, racing over Washington’s Cascade mountains with a peculiar weaving motion “like the tail of a kite.” His eyewitness sketch of them shows two shapes, fan-shaped and crescent-shaped. The officer in charge of Project Blue Book, one of a series of systematic studies of UFOs conducted by the United States Air Force, judged the objects to be UFOs because they were flying at the speed of 1,700 miles per hour (about 2,736 km/h) calculated from the distance and the time Mr. Arnold recorded during his flight, and considering his flight experience, eyewitness report, etc. The name “Flying Saucer or Flying Disc” derives from his report that it was “flat like a pie pan.”

The incident, which began with the encounter of earth-made flying objects and space-made nine flying objects, brought us an important message from space people that a new phase of space era had just begun. Furthermore, American history after the incident has proved that it was a serious warning not only to the earth, but also to the United States, which persisted on the nuclear arms race which was leading people to the extinction of human beings against the space, or the law of nature.

The “wings-swing action” of aircraft, which is also an international signal, is interpreted as “to follow me,” “to urge a person to leave,” and “to encoutrage a person to land,” , but generally it means “to send a signal.” That kind of action proves that the UFOs were definitely controlled by high-class intelligent people.
Since our memorable Kenneth Arnold incident, UFOs have appeared all over the world, keeping on causing great sensations in the aerial world, both military and civilian. The International UFO Day was originated in this Kenneth Arnold incident.

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